My Story

I love to decorate! You can always catch me rearranging my furniture or completely changing the look of a room in my house. It's my thing!

I started out simply decorating for my husbands office, my church, and for friends and family. Before I knew it everyone wanted me to help decorate their home or other event space they were hosting.

I would have so much fun helping friends and family get their dream space in their homes that I decided to pursue it further. It quickly became my passion.

I began refurbishing old furniture pieces and completely renovating rooms.There is something so rewarding about taking an old piece of furniture that never gets used and refurbishing it to be a beautiful piece anyone would be proud to have in their home.

The process of renovating sparked something in my mind. 'I could make a living out of this,' I thought to myself. Unfortunately, since I'm human and face constant doubts and fears, I was nervous about making my dream become a reality. With a huge support system from my friends and family, and more importantly, my heavenly father, I bought a space in downtown Liberty, South Carolina and started my own store.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," Philippians 4:13,is an important Bible verse to me and it made me feel brave enough to pursue opening my store. I knew that I needed to incorporate this into my store's name and without hesitation, 4:13 Design Studio was born! I want to encourage my customers that when you are in my store, anything is possible. I love to make the impossible happen!

4:13 Design Studio offers an immense collection of unique home, fashion, and skin care products that you can't find anywhere else. I have carefully chosen everything with my customers in mind to create a truly one of a kind shopping experience.  I also offer one on one consultations about small remodeling jobs in your home or about decorating for an event space. My mission is to inspire you to  express yourself by finding the perfect decor piece to fully bring out your personality and your interests.


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