The Story Behind the Moose

Those of us with little ones, that may now think they are grown, know how "kids say the darndest things" is a very accurate statement.

When my son was just a little guy, full of energy and funny sayings, he started calling me his moose. Maybe he was trying to say mama? Either way, it was so precious and my husband and I didn't have the heart to correct him. 

Moose became my identity. Even to this day, although he is married and starting a family of his own, he will still refer to me as his moose.

When opening my store, I was trying to think of a signature theme of items to continue throughout the year and it was not a tough decision to decide on a moose.

The meaning behind the moose is one of togetherness and family. It symbolizes how no matter how old we get we still remain kids at heart. 

The moose provides such a special meaning and feeling to my family and I would like to share that memory and feeling with guests in my store. Hopefully they can experience a new memory of their own with their family after buying a product from my store. 


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